Author Interview Zachary Greaves Landed for Success From Burnout to Victory

artus digital burnout to victory published author uk united kingdom zachary greaves Feb 10, 2022

Host: Gordon So, Landed for Success Guest: Zachary Greaves, Published Author, Landed for Success, From Burnout to Victory (You can buy a copy of Zach's new book on Amazon starting on Feb. 16th. 2022)

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Founder at Artus Digital Marketing "At Artus Digital Marketing, we help businesses and private clients flourish by providing inspiring, engaging and customized digital marketing content and services. We offer a variety of options including online content writing, digital marketing consultancy and social media management.

Founded by Zach Greaves in April 2018, we have supported businesses across the Yorkshire region and beyond, with our services extending to clients in Asia and North America! After completing a BA in English Literature, Zach began a career in sales and marketing before freelancing as a copywriter and online marketing specialist. Whilst working in a freelance capacity, Zach recognized the need for a more personal approach to digital marketing and launched Artus."

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