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Trusted By

Jennifer Curry

Jennifer Curry is a highly trained, experienced, and compassionate mediator. she brings you and your partner together in a virtual setting to work out a separation agreement that reflects the best interests of everyone involved.

Kuga Kangeyan

Kuga Kangeyan is working in World Financial Group, a fast-growing financial service company in North America. Working in the financial industry is both rewarding and eye-opening. his goal is to help families secure their future, and lay the foundation for future generations.

Jeff Browne

Jeff Browne is an accidental Health-Prenuer, Certified Organic Dad, and Superfood Entrepreneur. Jeff helps people eat more as we did 100 years ago when everything was organic, and help people turn their passion for health into a business

Kendra George

Kendra is a Coach, Mentor, and co-owner of Live Love and Joy. Finally, being true to her intuitive self, Kendra joined her friend to create Live Love and Joy with the vision of changing the world, one person at a time. She believes that when one person becomes happier and has more life balance, it creates a domino effect. .

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